We truly believe that a business cannot, and should not, be run in the present day, without regard to environmental sustainability. By extension, we have a zero waste policy. And so, our production process is mindful, with each of our distinctive pieces being made to order, and created with utmost love and care, as opposed to being mass produced.


We take immense pride in the fact that all our pieces are made in India, which allows the company to generate employment to, and empower our local artisans. Our artisans are truly the heart of the brand, and we could not be more thrilled to be able to provide them with the opportunity to exhibit the art of handcrafting sandals, as well as ornamenting, that they have mastered over hundreds of generations.


Nine by Janine’s primary focus and goal, is to introduce into the Indian market, luxury sandals at an affordable price point. We love to think that we cater to women of discerning tastes, with our line of open toe sandals in a variety of contemporary yet classic styles. These sandals are crafted with genuine leather, and so their comfort factor is unparalleled. They’re durable, sustainable and trendy, and what’s more – there’s one for every occasion!

Do not expose to heat

Since your pair of Nines are crafted from genuine leather, we advise using, handling and storing them with utmost care. It is best to avoid exposing your sandals to direct sources of heat, both natural – such as the sun, and artificial – such as hair driers.

Keep away from moisture

We recommend you store your pair of Nines in a cool, dry place, such as a shoe drawer or in the shoe box we deliver them in, to keep them away from moisture and humidity. If you need to clean your pair, leather is best cleaned with a dry cloth. During the monsoon season it is advised to wipe your Nines with a dry cloth every few days, and store them in a cool, dry place. We advise against walking on any wet surfaces, as this may lead to staining on the upper and insole of the sandals. However, in the event your pair does get wet, wipe them down with a dry cloth and let them dry naturally in an airy environment. Never use a hair drier to dry them!

Ornament care

These are our prettiest yet most fragile pairs, and we recommend you take extra care of them. Store your ornamental Nines side by side, instead of one on top of the other, to avoid wear and tear of the ornaments in the form of scratches or other damage to them, or even loosening them from the sandal – causing them to eventually fall off. To maintain that charming shine of the ornaments on these dainty Nines, you can clean them with a soft dry cloth.

Wear carefully

For your Nines that come with a back strap, when putting them on, please do not pull on the back strap while wearing, use the buckle mindfully. If absolutely necessary tug only on the straps at the front of the foot. Only once the foot is well-positioned (with your toes at the end of the sole), should you slide the back strap over the heel.

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